Prices and booking

Our classes cater to all skill levels and are tailored to suit different ages. We have taught people from age 2 – 75 so far (and all ages in between) and everyone has created a viable pot. We offer a variety of times and days for lessons at the following start times:

Daytime: book a slot or drop-in (please check availability/opening times before making a special journey). Sessions can start anytime between the times indicated below.

Tuesdays: 11:00am – 4:00pm

Thursdays: 11:00am – 4:00pm

Fridays: 11:00am – 4:00pm

Saturdays: 11:00am – 4:00pm

Evenings: pre-booking required as outside of normal opening times. Sessions can start anytime between the times indicated below.

Tuesday – Saturdays: from 5.30pm (start time can be anytime up to 7pm).

If for any reason you can not attend any of these times or have a special request please do contact us and we can try to accommodate you.

We now have three different workshop options to choose from for people wanting a clay experience. All options are make-and-take sessions where you can take away your pieces once they have dried enough to transport (normally allow 24 hours). Once they have further dried they can be painted and varnished at home if wanted. All the clay is suitable for kiln-firing and can be done by us or others at an extra charge.

One-to-one Taster Sessions,  £15 per person: lesson lasts approximately half an hour and will focus on learning the fundamentals of wheel-throwing including centering the clay and shaping it into a pot. Our potter will give you a demonstration first, then tutor you throughout making your creation until you have a pot you are happy with. Click for more details

Pottery Wheel-Throwing Lesson, £35 per person: An introduction to pottery course lasting an hour. For those wanting a more in-depth introduction to pottery wheel-throwing. Our resident potter will give a demonstration first, then give you one-to-one tuition while you create various pieces at a relaxed pace. You will learn about the history and processes of wheel-throwing, including wedging the clay, centering and throwing a cylinder, and the background history of pottery (traditional, industrial, studio). We continue by repeat-throwing a cylinder, then creating a piece of studio/art pottery. You can take away 3 pots from this session. Click for more details.

Intensive Wheel-Throwing Experience, £45 per person: If you are interested in learning more techniques and being on the wheel for longer, why not book in for a one-to-one lesson lasting an hour and a half. This lesson focuses on practical throwing techniques. You will learn how to make various shapes, be set challenges and make a final project using the skills you have learnt. You can take away 4 pots from this session. Click for more details.

Kiln Firing options, if you create a masterpiece we can fire your pottery for you. To have your pot fired and glazed it costs £8 and takes around 6 weeks*. We can also just bisque-fire it for you at a cost of £3 which takes around 3 weeks. We can post them if required at a further cost of £5.

*Times can vary depending on quantity and how many lessons we have, so are given as a guide.

Gift Vouchers are available for each of our main workshops which make great gifts.

We can also cater for groups and parties;

Group Workshops, £15 per person: you can all watch and learn from each other on the wheel or play with clay while you wait your turn. Lots of fun and can get competitive. We currently would recommend small groups of up to 6 people due to the size of our studio. Your taster session can start with a demonstration then each person has a go with instruction from our potter. Please allow approximately 20 minutes per person.

Parties (evenings only):

Why not get a group of friends together and bring your own drinks and snacks and make it a party?! There are plenty of shops and takeaways around Royal Square for supplies.  £15 per person, needs to be booked in advance.

Children’s party (evenings only):

£12 per child*: Minimum of 4 children, an adult also needs to be in attendance. If you want to bring your own snacks, cakes etc please let us know beforehand and we will have a table ready for them. You will need to bring your own cutlery, plates, cups if needed. Please try to use reusable ones to help cut down on waste.

*Aged 16 and under.