Pottery Intensive Wheel-Throwing Experience

£45 each. 1 and a half hours.

An intensive wheel-throwing experience lasting 90 minutes. This is a structured lesson exploring how to create different shapes on the potter’s wheel. It is a one-to-one session, or for two people lasting a total of 3 hours.

Learn new techniques and how to create various vessels in this action-packed informative lesson. It is suitable for adult beginners, or those with a little more experience. After a demonstration on centering and cylinders, you will begin mastering the basics. Then you will be set challenges on the wheel, including throwing the tallest pot you can, forming a wide bowl using different throwing techniques, and finally designing and decorating a piece using all the skills you have learnt. Our potter will be with you throughout to tutor and advise you.

You can take away four pots from this session, normally leaving them overnight to harden up a bit. These are make-and-take sessions because the clay takes a couple of weeks to dry fully. If painted and varnished your pots can be used for display purposes, or you can find somewhere to have them fired at home. If you are only visiting for a day or afternoon, with prior warning or at quieter times, we may be able to speed this up, please let us know in advance if this might be the case.

Firing will soon be available for any first-time masterpieces at an additional charge.