Pottery Wheel-Throwing Lesson

£35 each, 1 hour.

An introduction to pottery course of an hour, which is a longer session than the taster session and has more in-depth information about making pottery from beginning to end.  

Come and have a go at pottery wheel-throwing in St. Ives and be part of the great tradition of St. Ives Potters. Our resident potter Angela has been a trained ceramicist for over 20 years and has run workshops for all ages and abilities. The classes cater for any skill level and are tailored to suit different ages. We have taught people from 2 – 75 so far (and all ages in between) and everyone has created a viable pot.

You will firstly watch a demonstration, then be given one-to-one tuition while you create various pieces at a relaxed pace.

You will learn about the history and processes of wheel-throwing, including wedging the clay, centering and throwing a cylinder, and the background history of pottery (traditional, industrial, studio). We continue by repeat-throwing a cylinder, then creating a piece of studio/art pottery.

You can take away three pots from this session, normally leaving them overnight to harden up a bit. These are make-and-take sessions because the clay takes a couple of weeks to dry fully. If painted and varnished your pots can be used for display purposes, or you can find somewhere to have them fired at home. If you are only visiting for a day or afternoon, with prior warning or at quieter times, we may be able to speed this up, please let us know in advance if this might be the case.