Moving Forward

Hello all, we hope everyone has been doing as best as they can during these times. We have been quiet recently, for obvious reasons, as there have been so many unknowns. Moving forward, we currently are unable to say when we might be able to start lessons again. The building we are situated in has a list of problems to overcome to be able to confidently reopen. Currently only having one wheel causes some social-distancing issues and we need to reconfigure our workshop space quite radically. We are working behind the scenes on new plans, from some slightly out-there ones to more subdued ideas to make it possible to allow people to enjoy wheel-throwing pottery lessons again, but in a safe way following the official guidance. 

We have missed you all and the kind messages we have been receiving have really helped pick us up. The world is always changing and we will do everything we can to keep evolving with it. Fingers crossed we will have some more news soon but until then keep safe and look after each other.