Things to do in St. Ives in the rain

St. Ives is well known for its beaches and crystal clear sea but what is there to do if it rains? There is actually a lot to do year-round and in all weathers in St. Ives and here are some of our suggestions.

St. Ives Pottery – We offer wheel-throwing pottery experiences no matter what the weather, often drop-in lessons are available but please do let us know in advance if there is a certain day or time you would like.

Coco Kitchen – Fun chocolate-based workshops for all ages at  A great place to experiment with chocolate and it has a cafe at the front for anyone not taking part to relax and enjoy the many tasty treats they have on offer. Also great for wedding parties and staff nights out.

St. Ives Cinema – We LOVE our cinema, we see it as having character and a great community asset, friendly staff and brilliant it is still in St. Ives with such a declining population….some might see it as a little run down, the ticket prices are much cheaper than most places to reflect that.  If you are of similar age to us you might even find it a bit nostalgic like going to the cinema in the 80’s. Please do support it where you can, on sunny days it will often be very quiet but rainy days it can be packed. Check out what they have on by clicking here.

Enjoy some food and drink – St. Ives is full of wonderful cafes, pubs and restaurants that are nice and cosy and one of our favourite things is to sit somewhere watching a good storm out of the window. The Albatross opposite us does our favourite chips, you can eat-in, and they even do ice cream for pudding!

May Half Term

For this Bank Holiday week and half-term we are open some extra hours. You can come in and have a pottery wheel-throwing experience Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Message us on here or pop in from 11am – 4pm and as usual if you would like a different time let us know and we are sure we can sort something out for you. We are closed from Friday 1st June then back to normal Tuesday 5th June.


St Ives Food Festival

This weekend we are at St. Ives Food Festival were you can come and see Angela and make some Clay Creatures on the grass by the beach. There are lots of great chefs, food stalls, fun activities, music and our personal favourite thing FIREWORKS on Saturday night!!!!! Its a great place to see local business and enjoy hanging out on the best St. Ives beach, Porthminster. We are back in the Pottery on Monday when we can do wheel-throwing experiences again.

Hope to see you on the beach.


Royal Square Goodness

St. Ives is an amazing place and here in Royal Square we are lucky to be in a community-minded end of town, so when the Albatross Fish & Chips started stocking icecream this month, well, we just had to test it! And yep, it was delicious! We had the Salted Caramel and  Chocolate Heaven waffle cones. Getting an ice cream, chips or coffee are all great ways to get your energy going to come and have a taster session on our pottery wheel. We also have a great local shop, Osbornes, just past Royal Cinema which is great for snacks and drinks. If you book an evening group party with St Ives Pottery you are welcome to bring your own things in while you have your workshop. There are plenty of other restaurants, shops and takeaways nearby too if anyone needs something, and try the icecream, its awesome!

St Ives Pottery booking details

Next steps…

We have been busy looking at developing the workshop side of the pottery more and had a meeting with Cultivator Cornwall to help us with ideas and growth moving forward. Having our own kiln would be (hopefully) a step closer and we have everything crossed we might have one by the summer holidays so Angela can fire more of her own handmade in St. Ives ceramics and play with glazes on site. As always we have some big ideas we are currently trying to find a way to make happen…stay tuned.
There is help and advice out there for most creative business in Cornwall and The Growth Hub and Cultivator have been a great help in progressing the pottery for help, guidance and reassurance; look them up if you are a fellow Kernow Creative.

Half Term Fun

We all had lots of fun making pots this week, and next week (19th – 24th February) we will be holding drop-in lessons all week. It has been really nice to see people creating and having a go at a new skill; who knows some could be future potters!

Once you have successfully made something on the wheel you can either carefully take it away straight away or leave it to dry in the pottery to collect at a later time. Pots take around 5 days to dry and can then be painted with poster paints or acrylic and varnished.

Examples from St. Ives Pottery Wheel Throwing Workshops.

Lesson One in our permanent home, RAAR Emporium.

Saturday saw the start of the new pottery as our first-time potters learnt a new skill on our wheel. Angela has been teaching beginners workshops for years but now has a permanent home inside RAAR Emporium and an updated name; we still like RAAR Pottery but St. Ives Pottery is more recognisable. Our beginners had a great time and all successfully made something. We are now looking forward to seeing lots more people create something on a pottery wheel so they can join the ranks of St. Ives ceramicists.

New Pottery in St. Ives, Cornwall

This is a very exciting time as a new pottery is opening in St. Ives where you can have wheel-throwing workshops. St. Ives is famous for its ceramic and art history and worldwide influence and now you can be part of it as well. There are lots of great experiences and ceramic workshops in St. Ives already but at this time nowhere just to have a wheel-throwing experience. The last few pieces are coming together and we will soon be ready.

Also our resident pottery will be creating and selling her own ceramic items made in the creative heart of our famous town.